Pro Balticum

Pro Balticum was founded in June 1991 as a Swiss Union with the purpose of support the requests of the three Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The association includes (as per April 2006) 120 active and retired members of the federal parliament (of a total of 246) as well as former members of the federal Councilors and numerous personalities from politics, economy, science and culture in Switzerland. Pro Balticum is officially registered as a Parliamentary Group of the federal parliament.

Pro Balticum required from the Federal Government in summer 1991 the immediate resumption of the formal diplomatic relations with the three Baltic States and this happened on August 28th, 1991. That was the first important aim reached by Pro Balticum.

In Switzerland Pro Balticum demands the Federal Government for a more open and offensive politic in favour of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The political, economical, cultural and scientifical exchange shall be forced emphatically. Within the East-Credits Switzerland must take an interest in the Baltic States with comparable amounts and traditional joinings.

Pro Balticum supports actively the efforts of the three Baltic States for their national and social recovery on the base of a constitutional democracy. It expresses also the furtherance of the co-operation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on all levels and branches as well as their integration into the community of the West-/Middle - European League of Nations. Very helpful and important are mutual informations of private and public institutes.

Pro Balticum cares and mediates contacts especially in the political, cultural and scientifical field between Switzerland and the Baltic States. Pro Balticum cooperates also with organizations with similar aims in Switzerland and other countries.

Pro Balticum is presided by Prof. Dr. Felix Gutzwiller, State Councilor of the Canton of Zuerich. The management is handled by Hans Graf, lic.iur., ret. District Councilor, Grueningen, and the secretariat is located in Staefa.